Proprietary Fleet Card Solutions
We offer the most comprehensive fleet card solution in the industry. Our goal is to help you grow your fleet card business, increasing loyalty with your customers and reducing the cost historically associated with standard credit card transactions. With increased margins, you will have the flexibility to offer discounts to special customers and give your customers the controls that they desire for their card purchases.

Our system is entirely internet based, providing you with real-time authorization for every transaction. Our internet based system also allows you to place credit limits and controls on your cards, turning a card on or off instantly or limiting the purchases allowed on the card in real-time. This is an attractive feature that you can also offer to your fleet customers by granting them system access to view their own transactions, card profiles, and invoices. This level of access empowers both you and your customers with their fleet business.

Finally, we have developed our system to streamline your accounting processes and allow you to apply different billing cycles and parameters for your specific customers. Cost plus, finance charges, and tax exemptions are just part of the built-in billing capabilities that make your processes easier and more accurate.

Special Features

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