Special Features
Leverage Card Controls:
  • Apply specific taxes for cardholders and track tax-exempt customers.
  • Apply finance charges according to specific parameters.
  • Apply cost- plus capabilities to select fleet card customers.
  • Apply cost adjustments before invoicing customers.
  • Enact explicit pricing for specific customers.
  • Allow your fleet card businesses to apply credit limits, site restrictions, and product restrictions on a card-by-card basis.

Manage Transactions and Billing:
  • View transaction authorizations and processing in real time at the time of purchase.
  • Apply pricing specifications to run and post billing cycles of your preference.
  • Generate invoices and receive payments with our accounts receivable package, or utilize the transfer file to upload to a third party accounting package.
  • Generate a variety of activity reports to help you know and grow your business.
  • Give your fleet card customers access to our web-based interface to view their specific cardholder information and transactions.

Getting Started