Our Story
This is our story, but it is also yours. Without our customers, we would not have a reason to exist. It is for that reason that we offer you the tools to take charge of your accounts and reward your fleet customers with access to a system that gives them more control of their fuel purchases. Every piece of our design is based on a collaborative effort with our marketers. Our pricing structure is also constructed with our marketer in mind. When you succeed, we do too.

Our pride is in the marketer who partners with us to grow his fleet business. It’s all about relationships—cardholders, merchants, marketers, and Intevacon. You get to reward your cardholders, and in turn, you see your profits increase. That is why we are in business, one transaction and one more mile at a time.

Intevacon was created with Integrity, Value, and Confidence at its core. The Intevacon team takes pleasure in offering the most innovative technology in the industry. We know this industry and we know you—your challenges, your determination, your tenacity, and your vision for the future. Intevacon looks forward to seeing our marketers grow their businesses as partners in the world of fleet card solutions.